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Whether you run a country park, nature reserve, outdoor museum, historical site, or are planning an outdoor event, you'll have thought about a visitor guide.  Whether you're considering an information board or a printing run of paper maps, we offer an easy to configure, affordable solution to providing an interactive guide to your location based on your existing artwork, maps, and information.

Simply configure the references to your data, upload it to your website, and provide a QR Code onsite.

The App will do the rest.

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Start with a document
Define where the map is
Geo-reference the map
Add a button
Define the button's info panel
Define the button's parameters
Add more buttons?
Export the data and embed it in your website
Scan a QR Code for your website in the visitor app
The App downloads the guide
Interaction data is included
Further info and external links
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Privacy: Any data you submit to us will be handled in accordance with our website privacy policy

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