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Welcome to the Interactive Equation Balancer.  Solve the challenges by balancing each equation to unlock the next one.  Once unlocked, you can revisit equations you have balanced previously, or continue from the furthest equation solved.

Don't worry if you get stuck!  Our interactive equation solver will choose the most appropriate method, and take you through the step by step process to balance each equation.

Upgrade with the in app purchase to unlock the option to enter your own equations.  If it is possible to solve the equation using the standard methods then the solution will be displayed, and the interactive equation solver can be accessed to show the steps taken to balance the equation.  Please note that some equations, for example partial combustion, can not be solved without additional information and these are outside the scope of the app at this time.

Interactive Equation Balancer: Projects


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Interactive Balancer (Method 1)
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Interactive Balancer (Method 2)
Coefficients Solved?
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Enter Your Own Equations
User Defined Equation Coefficients Solved
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