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Welcome to the tracking app that puts YOU in control of YOUR data.

Simply open the app, wait until the GPS location accuracy is good enough for someone to find you, then send a text message to one of your contacts to say "Please find me!".  Contact details can be preconfigured using the app's contacts button, so you don’t even have to look up the number.  Ideal for friends and relatives who are less confident using their smartphone.

No data signal required, no access to the maps app required, no complicated interface, just GPS and SMS (Note: message settings must be configured to send SMS when iMessage is unavailable). Most important: NO TRACKING - you only share your location with the people you want to, when you want to.  All customisation data is stored locally on your phone too.

In App Purchase enables more customisation of the message interface.

Please do not rely on this app in remote locations where there may be limited or no mobile phone coverage.  Always check that your location message has been received and that your contact can locate you.  Your network operator may charge you for SMS messages and data usage.

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Simply Find Me
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